Podcast: The Transformative Power of Kindness


After working clinically with patients for over 25 years, it’s natural that one would learn something about what heals or harms humans. Such is the case with Dr. Eva Ritvo, who discovered through her work and personal life the power of human kindness and put together a book about it entitled Bekindr: The Transformative Power of Kindness (2017, Momosa Publishing). The book contains short stories by people from all walks of life, depicting poignant moments of human vulnerability and kindness. In our interview, we discuss what led her to put together this book and the international movement it has spawned, as well as her conviction that kindness has the power to transform. 

Eva Ritvo, M.D. is a physician, author, and TV and radio personality, as well as the founder of Bekindr, an international initiative to bring more kindness into the world. She is also co-founder of the Bold Beauty Project, a nonprofit that pairs women with disabilities with award-winning photographers to create art shows. She is former Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center and former Vice Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Miller School of Medicine at University of Miami, with over 25 years of experience practicing in Miami Beach, Florida.

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