Podcast: The Gifts of ADHD

What do Michael Phelps, Justin Timberlake, and Steve Jobs have in common? ADHD: a condition that comes with many gifts, not just limitations. In her new book, Your Innovator Brain: The Truth About ADHD (Balboa Press, 2016), Carol Gignoux turns our ideas about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on their head and introduces a strengths-based rather than deficits-based perspective on this brain type.

In her forty-plus years coaching individuals with ADHD, Gignoux has witnessed how ADHD stigma stymies these individuals’ creativity and self-esteem. They often adopt views of themselves predominated by what they can’t do rather than what they can. But these ‘innovators,’ as she calls them, have unique capacities for creative problem-solving and productive risk-taking that others often envy. Look no further than Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso, and Jonas Salk—innovators whose unique brain type helped them make extraordinary contributions to modern society. To make best use of their gifts, innovators need help with their very real limitations and greater understanding and appreciation for their assets. As she explains in our interview, Gignoux has made it her mission to help innovators find such understanding and support. In her book, she advances a paradigm shift in our conceptions of ADHD and outlines specific strategies for dealing with day-to-day challenges. This celebratory and useful first book from a decades-long advocate is a long-awaited update to our long-standing ideas about these unique individuals.

Carol Gignoux is a professional ADHD coach with over 40 years of experience and founder and president of Live ADHD-Free, one of New England’s top ADHD coaching companies. Find out more about Carol Gignoux and her work at: http://liveadhdfree.com.

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